New design for

New design on a VERYYYY OLD theme. The design was done in 2012 from a Surrey company, very dated now , so it required an urgent fix …lots of work to do , but check it by yourself. Huge modifications and resolved a lots of issues

Digital stall

Our secure container for Web Application is now active. Powered with No external access only app access!    

About online banking and social media

Don’t access your banking account when you are currently also online in your Facebook account, other social network or similar site, where phishing and hacking regularly visits. Typing in your password could be recorded while you are logged in elsewhere.

Top 10 safe computing tips

Patch, Patch, PATCH! Set up your computer for automatic software and operating system updates. An unpatched machine is more likely to have software vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Install protective software. Sophos is available as a free download for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux from IS&T’s software page. When installed, the software should be set to scan your files and update … Read More in development going live in less than a month.  

£10 per hour bespoke website

  Often your business need something purpose built or off the shelf. In this modern era of the Internet, websites and web applications are of increasing importance to companies, so we now offer website development using ‘PHP’,Flash and all the relevant tools to create sites that appeal to their clients and the web public. We understand that in order to … Read More